Perform a pure-tone audiometry on your mobile device


Pure tone audiometry using bundled headphones and predefined calibration coefficients from the database (possible for systematically increasing number of devices).
Calibration of the device (in the case of lack of predefined coefficients or for headphones other than bundled).


Browsing, annotating, printing and sharing the test results.
Customizable test frequencies (125 Hz - 18 kHz).
Interpretation of the results according to the age norms.
Selection of the calibration coefficients that were used during previous tests.


Adjustment of the calibration (calibration coefficients may be adjusted on the basis of your audiogram that was produced using an audiometer).
Verification of the calibration coefficients.
Suppressing of the masking noise for the purpose of free field audiometry.

Pro features

Local database (offline access to tests results, without connecting to the server)
Synchronization (your tests results can be stored on a remote account, created for a given email address; data are easy to recover, transfer to/from any other mobile and can be automatically synchronized on different devices)

Pure-tone audiometry on your mobile device


PRO version with local database




To the extent permitted by law this software is provided "as is", and any warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to quality, reliability, conformity, security, efficiency, applicability, accuracy or infringement of regulations are disclaimed. The author made every effort to ensure that the application works properly. However, to the extent permitted by law, the author disclaims any responsibility for any indirect or direct loss which may arise in any way out of the use of this software. The user acknowledges and accepts all potential risks associated with using this software and states that the risk of any and all loss, damage or unsatisfactory performance of this software rests with the user. The author is allowed to collect and process anonymous information concerning performance of this application exclusively for the purposes of its development and for academic purposes. It needs to be remembered that this application does not replace professional medical healthcare and its role is purely informational.



The permission is required to download a predefined calibration coefficient from the remote database and store the test results. This is a required permission.


The permission is required to monitor the background noise during the test. The application analyses the surrounding sound and calculates its level. No other information that the sound level is processed. This is an optional permission.

Data processing

All data collected by the application are processed anonymously solely for the purpose of application development and for scientific purposes. The data have never been and will not be forwarded to third parties. In addition to the data provided explicitly by the user, such as test results, calibration factors, notes and age, the application collects information about the level of noise during the test, test time, IP address, device model and its identification number.


Articles on implemented methods


Measuring the hearing threshold in relation to normal-hearing person

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Methods of biological calibration

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Calculation of the calibration coefficients for mobile devices

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